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The Originals Season 3 Episode 1 For the Next Millennium

After all Elijah, Klaus still remain angry to each other. They still can’t find the cure for Hayley, she can see Hope for once a full moon. While witches refused a help to them.

Vincent call Camile to help on police case, she found the victim died with lost of blood. In past Klaus and them let Lucien live in exchange for information about his boss.

Lucien shows up in New Orlean, he is killing people. Camile and Vincent think it’s a vampire, Marcel tells them it’s not them but may be Klaus.

Elijah found that the area where Hayley lives is being swipe by hunter, Klaus meets Lucien. He asks him about Aurora, he tells him that they apart.

Camile asks Klaus about the dead body, he tells her to check with Marcel. Elijah called out Freya to take care Hope while he goes out to find out who.

Lucien tells Klaus about other 3 bloodline, he tells him that they plan to wipe out them. He tells him about Alexis, she tells him about new threat to his family.

Davina’s people start to turn on her, she asks Marcel for advice. He tells her to show the revolt the force.

Davina captured Hayley and ask her to do something for her.