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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 23¬†Brother’s Keeper

Cass is not sure what to do as Dean said all magic has consequence, Sam tells him they need to cure him first.

Dean and Ruby go to see the body of a girl, sheriff tells them she has a friend missing too. He goes to see her parent, he found the abuses in her house. Her brother tells him that he is the one who bring them.

Sam try to force Rowena to cast spell, but she tells him she wants her deal. Cass thinks it’s a bad idea, Rowena tells them the ingredients they need.

Last ingredients she tells them it’s something she love, she said she has none. Cass use his power and found a boy that she loved, Oscar. Sam gets called from Ruby, he tells him about Dean. He left Cass with the spell with Rowena, he goes after Dean.

Dean breaks in the house that girl is captured, he made Ruby get killed. He releases the girl, at night he start to see ghost of Rudy.

Sam arrives and found Rudy’s dead, sheriff tells him the story from a girl. Cass called out Crowley, he wants him to help to remove Dean’s mark. He gives him the list, Crowley agreed to help.

Sam found Dean’s room but no one there, he lefts him his car. At night Dean summon the ripper, he wants him to kill him.

He tells him he can’t kill him but he can remove it, but he tells him about origin of his mark. He tells him that he has to pass it to someone else, he is not agreed. He tells him he can move him to somewhere else.

Sam found Dean, he explains him his plan. Reaper wants Sam in return to send Dean away. He thinks they are evil, he thinks they should not exist, they are trouble. They start to fight, he is beat Sam.

Sam finally agreed with him, Reaper give Dean his scythe. Dean kill Reaper instead¬†Crowley shows up and gives them the ingredients, she cast her spell. It fly directly to Dean’s arm. His mark is removed.

Rowena casts her spell and stop them, she force Cass to kill Crowley. When they get outside they found the sky acts strange.

They see the darkness get out from the earth, it gathering and hit at them.