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The Originals Season 2 Episode 22 Ashes to Ashes

Dahlia tells him about plan for Hope and Freya, now she is going to channel his power. Camille tells Klaus’s plan to Elijah, he wants to link himself to her. So they have time to find the right ingredient to kill her.

After links, Klaus put dagger on himself. They are both sleep, Once she pass out Freya wakes up and see Hope.

Rebecca now back to her body, she tells Elijah about Klaus’s plan and Hope with Freya. Elijah goes to get them.

Elijah tells Freya about what Klaus found, seem they need Ester blood. But she tells him that she is gone. But Elijah tells her that Klaus wants to revive her original body.

While they are arguing about Klaus’s plan, they found that the dagger is start to melting. They must hurry and get Esther’s blood.

Marcel found that Davina already get Kole’s ash. Rebecca goes to distract her and let Marcel swap his ash with Esther. Rebecca try to convinces Davina but she failed. Davina finish her spell but she found that it’s not Kol that revive.

Marcel and Freya found that Dahlia is waking up. She captured Marcel and try to use white stake on Klaus. He and Dahlia are wakeup,  She tells him that she unlink him with her already, she can kill him. But Marcel stop her from it.

Marcel goes to see Davina to ask her find Dahlia, after they found her. Klaus and Elijah takes Ester to see her.

Dahlia is going to kill Freya, but Klaus shows up with Rebecaa, Elijah and Ester. She use white stake to burn them, while she is going to kill her children. She can’t stand she tricks her, she locked her with magic chain.

Freya gets out and break her spell, she gives Klaus’s knife. He stab both of them, they finally found the peace together.

After that Rebecca is leaving she try to find the way to revive Kol, Elijah found Hayley. She wants him to be there for Hope.