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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 22 The Prisoner

Dean and Sam incinerate Charlie in wood, Dean tells Sam to stop doing about the book. He will find who did this.

Sam tells Cass about Charlie, he tells them he is going to shutdown. Then he get the email from Charlie, with it Rowena tells him that she can read the book. He tells Cass to protect Dean, she tells him that he need Crowley died now.

Dean is captured by police officer at soon he at the Stynes’s town, they try to get him beaten. He is setup by Stynes, he asks the sheriff where is Stynes.

Crowley is called out by Sam, he shoot him. He tells him all problem with mark it’s his fault. He put him the hex bag from her.

Crowley turn on his red eye and get his bullet out, he knocks him down. He tells her to give his mother’s message. He releases him.

Dean breaks in their house and he is surrounded and captured by them. He tells them that if he died, he will become demon and they will die. They want him to be the lab rat, he get chances and break out and kill them all.

Before died he said he sent his men to his home, they found their base but noone there. They are going to takes everything.

Sam tells Rowena bout Crowley, instead she tells him to find the way. Cass tells him that Dean is gone, he killed everyone. He tells him Dean is heading to their place.

While Stynes is going to burn their place, Dean shows up. He tells him that his family is dead. Then he killed them all, Cass shows up.

He try to convinces him to not give up to safe him, he makes him upset. Dean beats him down and going to kill him. But he didn’t kill him, he tells him and Sam to keep out.