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The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 Fire with Fire

Rebecca is going to unlink herself to this body and other children, it works. While they discuss about Dahlia, Rebecca found that Klaus is missing.

Hayley and them found that the storm is from Dahlia, she found that Klaus is gone. Hayley decides to tell her pack to leave them, she doesn’t want them down.

Rebecaa begs Camile to talks to Klaus to calm him down, Freya tells them Klaus might align with Dahlia. She gives Elijah the knife.

Klaus shows up to Marcel, he tortured him for tricks their enemy. Vincent convinces Davina to accepts witch Regent’s position. But other witches doesn’t allow her to.

Rebecca and them execute their plan to trap Dahlia, she shows up. But Marcel also shows up and stop Rebecca from spell. Freya lost dummy of Hope, while Elijah attacking her. Klaus also shows up and stop him.

Dahlia put Freya in sleep, Klaus compelled Gia to kill herself. After that he dagger him, Camille shows up to stop him. But instead he killed her. He tells Marcel to captured her, while Dahlia uses his blood to find Hope.

Klaus found Hayley and Jackson, Hayley decides not to leave Jackson. She gives Hope to Jackson’s grand mother Mary. They fight with Klaus, then Dahlia shows up. She cast spells to all the wolf to make them trap in wolf form. All of them in pack will transform to wolf.

Rebecca killed herself so she can end up back in her old body, Davina convinces witches to make her Regent.

Klaus and Dahlia found Hope, Camille wakes up. Klaus tells her something to do, she helps Elijah wake up. She tells him this is his plan.

Klaus try to convinces Dahlia to bond herself to him instead of Hope, he is look convincing.