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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 21 Dark Dynasty

A candidate goes to apply for job, Eldon killed her and takes out her eye. He escapes before get caught. Once he is back, his father complains him for his failure and for expose them.

He wants him to fix his mess and go after Winchesters and the book. He sent another one to after Charlie.

Dean found her case, he and Sam are going to check. At night Sam goes to see Charlie and tells her about the book and Rowena, he wants her to work with her. He also asks Cass to help him protect Charlie.

Sam and Dean go to check the scene from security footage, they found he is Stynes. Once they left, Eldon shows up and following them.

At night, Dean is attacked by Stynes. But he managed to captured one of them, he tortured him for information. He tells him about the harvest, they get the best organ to increase their ability. He tells him about Frankenstein, he is one of them.

He tells him he just wants the book, Dean tells him it’s destroy. He said the book can’t be destroyed, he get chances and escapes.

Eldon get the location of Charlie from his brother, he goes to see her. Charlie finally crack the code, while she is sending Eldon is breaking in.

Dean tells her to give him anything, she finish her sent and destroy her computer. Dean and Sam rush to her, they are too late. She is killed.