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The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 City Beneath the Sea

Dahlia get Klaus’s mind from his body, she shows him her past. She wants to ally with him. She shows him how his family started.

Freya tells Elijah plan to use Hope as bait to destroy Dahlia, he won’t agreed. Marcel try to convinces Rebecca to hide from Dahlia, he also takes Vincent. They want him to figure out how to cut her link with other children.

Camile tells Elijah that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden, but he stills didn’t want to get Klaus out. He asks Camille for objects that can get Rebecca back.

Elijah tells Rebecca about Freya wants to to use Hope as bait, they all won’t agreed. He thinks he will created magic source that can distract Dahlia.

Dahlia tells him about what comes next to after his daughter, she tells him that actually he keeps Freya save from something else. She tells him that Freya has the problem to control her power, as first born bloodline. Hope also be like her, she will destroy everything.

Camille found Vincent, he gives her an advice about what they try to do. Dahlia tells Klaus that plan that she will use him as father. In return she wants him to kill Hayley. She undagger him.

Elija goes to get Hope’s blood to make the trap for Dahlia, he put it into Freya and uses her as bait instead.

Vincent goes to see Davina, he wants her to be next coven’s leader. Harley decided to get Hope out from them, she called them to say good bye.

Klaus agreed to work with Dahlia to stop Hayley from escape,