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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 20 Angel Heart

Amelia is captured by a man, she is keeping dream about Jimmy. He then cut her out and get her light grace out.

Claire is looking for Ronnie, she wants him to find her mother. But he tells her that he doesn’t know her. She found that he lied, he knocks her out.

Cass call Dean and Sam to help him take care her, she tells them she was there to looking for her mother. She tells them her mother is missing while looking for Jimmy.

They found that Claire is missing again, now they go to check Ronnie. He tells them about faith leader, Peter. he tells them he made him kidnapped someone for him.


Sam found Claire, he offered to teach her something to help her. Ronnie called to warn the faith leader, he takes out his sight and kill him.

They back to see Claire, then they found that Ronnie is dead. They all thinks it’s Dean, they go to see his body. They thinks he is killed by angel.

Sam found his address and think he might get head up and leaving, they go to see him. But they think Dean and Claire should stay.

Sam and Cass go to Peter’s house, Dean and Claire¬†found something about weapon that killed Ronnie. They found he might be Grigori, the watcher angels.

Cass found Amelia, but Sam is knocked down by Peter. Dean take Claire with him and go to see Peter too.

Peter tells Sam that he feed on heaven from human, Dean and Cass found Sam. He tells them that he is missing.

Peter shows up to Claire, she try to stop him but won’t work. He try to kill her but Amelia blocked him, Cass and them show up. They try to stop him but he is stronger than them.

Claire get chances and stab him, Amelia is dead and meet Jimmy on heaven.