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The Originals Season 2 Episode 19 When The Levee Breaks

Elijah and Rebecca are frustrate because Klaus kill Mikael the one that Freya love, she might not help them anymore.

Dahlia shows up and tell them that she will come to get Hope today, Harley tells Jackson that she might has a way to stop Dahlia from take her. She wants to remove her magic.

Rebecca goes to convince Freya to work with Klaus, but she failed. Aiden steals magic chain from Klaus and takes it to Davina. He wants her to make it to block the magic, so Hope will no magic.

Dahlia found Hope now, she sees them but she can’t get in yet. She tells Harley that she will comes to get her tomorrow. Elijah try to convince Freya to work with Klaus. She finally convinced, Camille also goes to see Klaus to convinces him.

Aiden asks Josh to run out with him, after he will tell Jackson everything. Marcel goes to ask Davina about the dagger that can stop Klaus, she tells him she will use by her decision.

Hayley tells Elijah and Klaus that she and Jackson is going to get Hope out to their pack. He tells them he knows how to kill Dahlia.

Dahlia killed Aiden and makes it looks like Klaus did it, at night Davina and Josh found him dead. Jackson and them rush to him, he doesn’t refuse when they think he did.

They are angry at him, Elijah protect him. Davina gives her dagger to Marcel, she wants him to use it. Hayley try to convinces Elijah to let her go, he did. He goes to stall Klaus for them. He uses dagger on him, he tells him that Hope and Harley are gone.