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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 19 The Werther Project

A young woman found the hidden safe in her basement, she try to open it and knocked down by invisible force. Something get out the safe, after she wakes up her whole family make suicide.

Rowena wants Sam to kill Crowley in exchange for her help, she tells him about Nadya’s code. With it she can use it to crack the book.

Sam found out about Men’s of letter clue about the codex, in the record they are talking about Werther box. inside they hidden the witch codex, they thinks inside the Werther is very dangerous.

They try to shut it down, but instead of destroy it they decided to buried it. He tells her about it, he needs spell to break it.

He goes to the house but he is push back by the owner. Dean shows up and help him, he distract the owner while he goes to check for the Werther in the basement.

She tells him that no one goes to basement, she tells him they will died. She notices that he is the decoy, she asks him to call Sam. Sam open the box and let it out again, this time it goes in to Dean and her.

She start to see the ghost, they make her suicide, Dean also start to see illusion he found himself in the wood.

Rowena shows up and rescue Sam from the ghost, but she can’t help Dean. He is in the deep illusion, he meets Benny.

Rowena and Sam go to the box, they try to open it. They found they need Men of letter’s blood, in his illusion Benny try to make Dean suicide.

Sam cut himself and use the blood to open the box, while Dean decided to kill Benny instead of himself. He gets out the illusion, he found Sam also has illusion.

Dean put his blood too and finally box is opened. They found the codex book, Sam brings it to Rowena. He chained her with anti-magic chain, he will release her when she gives him the spell.