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The Originals Season 2 Episode 18 Night Has A Thousand Eyes

At day, while Hayley takes Hope in town. Dahlia is shows up. She tells them that she is here to take the child as promised.

They are discussing about how to protect Hope, Freya propose that she can use Jackson which Dahlia just take control to find out where is her.

Klaus get the address of Mikael from Davina, he asks him to work with him to hunt down Dahlia.

Elijah wants the Elder to create the place that the witch has no power, they threaten her to agreed.

While Rebecca and Freya try to trace back Dahlia, she found that Dahlia use Freya to channel so she can cast a powerful spell. She tells her it’s better she leave.

While Klaus and Mikael is discussing, Dahlia found out their plan. They go after her, Freya leave the house while in town she meets Dahlia. She tells her that she will punish her father and her brother.

Klaus and Mikael go to see Davina to ask her to create weapon to kill Dahila, Freya comes back to see Elijah. She tells them about Dahlia, she tells them she will lure them to her trap.

Klaus and Mikael gets in her trap, she shows up and command men to attack them. All of them get a bit of her power, they are beaten. But after a fight, they kill them all.

While Dahlia is going to kill Mikael and Klaus, Freya shows up. While she distract her, Mikael stab her with stake.

Elijah shows up and help Klaus, but while they are attacking her she disappear. Marcel and his men come to pickup Harley and Hope but they are gone. But Marcel found them, he takes them to the fortress.

Dahlia shows up again, she get their weapon and destroy it. Now she disappear, while they discussing about Dahlia. Klaus use stake and kill Mikeal, he killed him because his body is one of ingredient.

Dahlia shows up to Elder witch, she tells him she needs her to send the message to her enemy.