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The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Exquisite Corpse

At night Eva takes control of body and knock down Marcel, she is heading to Hope. Hayley found her but she knocks her down, but Klaus also shows up and stop her. She escapes out.

Klaus tells them to find her and lock her, while go to stop witches to hunt her. Klaus asks Freya to help but she said not it’s late. Klaus locked Freya with magic chain, he takes her to see someone can help.

Marcel goes to Vincents to ask his help, he tells him about how Eva did. They tells them about what’s Eva going to do. Elijah failed to convinces the elder.

Klaus takes Freya to see their mother, he compels her for get the magic that can help Rebecca

Marcel found Eva with help from Vincent, but he end up convinced by her and help her escape out.

Elijah tells them to prepared they will storm their house, but Eva and Vincent shows up at Elder instead. Eva tells him after the put them in her hidden that she lied few detail. He tells her he understand and knock her out.

Vincent called them tell them he just play her, but he found that if she died they will all died.

Freya found that the magic required she to anchor with someone but Klaus doesn’t trust her, Eliajah shows up and tell her he will. Klaus won’t agree, Freya breaks out and kill him. She goes out with Elijah.

Vincent and Marcel enter Eva’s mind to help Rebecca out, once enter he heard her scream. He found her, but Eva shows up and hurt him.

Freya is losing them, Klaus shows up and help. While Eva is going to kill Vince, Rebecca shows up and stab her with the knife. Vincent and Marcel wake up, the links are cut. Davina wakes up, finally Rebecca wake up.

Rebecca tells Klaus that she still links to them, if she lefts her body they will died. She doesn’t want them died.

Freya is approved from Elder witch, Klaus stills doesn’t believe in her. Freya tells¬†Esther about Klaus that she knows that he never trust her. So she will turn his family against him. After that she killed her.