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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 18 Book of the Damned

Someone is following Charlie, she asks one of them why following her. He tells her that what she has is not belong to her. He try to shot her but she escapes.

Cass takes Metatron to find his Grace, Dean tells Sam about Rowena that she is Crowley’s mother.

Charlie called them to tell them about her follower and book of the damned. She tells them it’s a book to undo or do the thing, she thinks it can remove his mark. They rush to rescue her.

Dean has strange feeling about the book, he thinks it’s better he left it. Cass and Metatron are attacked by angry angel, he try to killed both of them. Metatron rescue him.

He takes him to the library, but he tells him he doesn’t know where is it. He tells another one hide it for him.

Dean check the people that after Charlie, they are Styne’s family. They misuse the book for a long time, Dean thinks they should destroy the book. But Sam doesn’t agree he still keep looking for cure.

Metatron tricks Cass and knocks him down, he get his demon tablet. But Cass solve the riddle and get his Grace back.

Dean meets Styne’s family, he caprrued him. He is looking for Charlie, he tells him that the book can get off his mark. Dean lost them and escapes back.

He tells him to burn it while Stynes break in, Sam finally burn it while they get rid of them.

Cass goes back to them and tell them about his grace, but he didn’t tell them that Metatron get the demon tablet.

Sam hidden the truth from them, he didn’t burn the book. He goes to see Rowena and asks her for help.