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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17 Inside Man

Sam and Cass make a ritual to call Bobby, he is surprised. At night Dean has nightmare, Sam found him not well. next morning he goes to see Cass without tell Dean. They finally decided to do something.

They go to see Hannah, they want to get Metatron again. But she thinks it’s too dangerous to get him out, they force to leave.

Sam tells Cass that now they will break him out, they go to see Olivier. He is student of men of letter. They want him to help them break Matatron out, now they ask him to contact Bobby.

They tell him everything about what happen to Dean, Cass tells Bobby to escapes from his paradise and down to earth. Then he and him will get Metatron.

At bar, Rowena uses some college kids to attack Dean. He almost killed them, she try to attack him with her magic but it won’t work. She tells him that she try to protect her son, Crowley.

She back to hell and try to convinces Crowley that Dean hurt her, she tells him her spell doesn’t work on him. Crowley tells her it’s mark of cain, she tells him that she will find the way to remove it. She tells him to do something to Dean.

Bobby make chaos on heaven and open the door for Cass, he gets in the heaven. They are getting Matatron out.

But he start to resist them and make demand, Cass takes out his Grace. He becomes a mortal, they tells him now he has to obey. He tells them he don’t know anything, before Sam killed him. He tells them about Cass’s Grace.