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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 16 Paint it Black

A man just finish his confession with father, then something get into him. He goes out side and kill himself.

Dean and Sam go to check about him, that day a couple is leaving the church. Something get into them. At night his wife killed him, and spirit get out her body.

Dean and Sam try to ask father about their confession but he won’t say, he lets the sister to answer their question. She tells them the church built on the tomb.

That sister is talking with another nun spirit, she tells her about her love story and how she end up here.

Dean goes to make confession to father, after done Isabella is shows up she heard him. But instead of get Dean, she get in father.

The sister after read Isabella’s journal, she called Dean and Sam. She tells them about Isabella, she thinks she is behind all suicide.

Sam try to clean up the treasure from Isabella’s family, Dean and sister go out to find her. Sam found out there is she possess, it’s her painting.

Isabella get in sister, she attack Dean. Sam burn her paint and rescue Dean on time.

Rowena tells Crowley that the winchesters are men of letter, she wants him to killed them. He said no.