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The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 I Love You, Goodbye

Elijah found Camille and Hope, they are now going back. Klaus try to convince Hayley to finish her wedding instead go after Hope.

Kol and Davina try to complete their spell, while Freya try to revive Finn. Kol feels about that he asks Rebecca for help.

Hayley found that Camille and Elijah are here at her wedding too, Klaus tells her that there is no more running.

They are going to married at this house, it works now the werewolves get the power. Klaus is so happy for his new army.

But he plans to kill Jackson, Elijah doesn’t agreed and try to stop him. Davina found that Kol is cursed by Finn.

Klaus announces Hope to the pack, he wants them to protect her. He invite Jackson and Hayley to stay there.

Davina and Rebecca try to find the way to help Kol, but they failed. Rebecca goes to see Elijah and Klaus. They go to see him.

Kol is dead, while Freya fully heal Finn. She tells him that Dahlia will find the baby.