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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 15 The Things They Carried

A woman found herself captured and hang upside down, a man shows up, killed and drink her blood.

Sam and Dean found out about her case, they go to ask the sheriff there. They tell them there is a lot of suicide in town.

Sam question one of victim wife, she tells them victim feels so thirsty. They found Cole outside, he knows the victim. He offered his help.

At the store, a man keep open the water bottle and drink it. When store man try to stop him, he killed him and start to drink his blood.

Sam and Dean go to check at shop but they didn’t found much, at night they following Cole they think he knows where is him.

Kit attacked Cole, he put the worm into him. Dean and Sam shows up and chases him out. He tells him about worm they encounter, they tells him either killed the host or electrocute will get it out.

He tells them to electrocute him, Dean try several times but it won’t come out. They think may be they will try to dehydrate him to get it out.

Sam shows up and help Kit’s girlfriend before he put the worm in her, he explains her what happen. Then they found that Kit’s is missing, Kit attacked them.

Dean helps Cole to dehydrate, finally it works it gets out of him. Dean tells Sam to get Kit here, he tells him it’s too late.