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The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 The Devil is Damned

Finn try to use his spell to find Hope but he failed, Freya shows up to him but he doesn’t remember her at first.

Rebecca tells them about Freya but they don’t believe that she alive. Aiden tells Klaus about Finn captured Marcel. Kol shows up and tells them about his curse, they think he lied but Rebecca believes him.

Freya tells Finn about Dahlia’s spell that she put on her, she tells him that Dahlia is target the first born of her family. Finn tells her about Klaus’s daughter. She is going to help him find her.

Klaus found the Kol’s secret about his dagger. He knocks him down, Marcel tells Hayley that Finn knows about her daughter and he wants her blood for locator spell. Finn called Kol to get Klaus’s blood for him.

Klaus tells Kol that he wants him on his side, Kol tells him about what Finn wants. They go to see them, but they don’t find him. But they found that he knows about Hope.

Klaus tells Elijah about him, but he’s there already. He knocks him down, but fortunately Camille and Hope are not in the house.

Klaus thinks that Finn is too strong because power of their parent, Kol tells them that they can try something. He tells them they will try to overload him with their power.

During the wedding ceremony, Finn drop all hungry vampires to them. They are attack them, Hayley and Marcel shows up and stop them.

Kol and Rebecca try to channel the power but failed, Klaus tells him to use him. Elijah wakes up and after Finn. Finn starts to get problem, their spell works.

Finn’s spell is broken, all vampires are release. They tell Klaus that Finn now lost all his power, he try to provoke Elijah.

Camille and Hope are back home, but before home their car suddenly stop. Elijah kill Finn with explosion of gas.