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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14 The Executioner’s Song

In prison Cain gets in to see Tommy of inmate cell, he killed him and take him away. Next day Dean and Sam go to check the prison.

Warden show them the tape from last night, Dean notices it’s Cain. Cass is torture a demon for where is Cain, he found him and the bodies he killed.

He tells him that he killed all fighter, killer and thief. He said he will go to Dean soon, before Cass get him he disappear.

Cass tells them about Cain, Sam found his next target is a boy. Dean rush out to save him, he thinks he must be the one who put him down with the first blade.

Dean calls Crowley that Cain has him in the list too, they need the first blade. He agreed and shows up with it.

They plan to captured Cain and then use first blade, finally Cain shows up. Cass try to stop him but he failed, he get the boy but he found it’s an illusion.

They trap him in the spell, Dean shows up. Crowley give him the blade, he tells them if he didn’t get out they have to stop him.

Cain tells him that he try to clean up his darkness bloodline. They start to fight, Cain thinks he is holding back.

Cain get the first blade, seem he plans to lure them in so he can get the blade. He tells him he is saving him from kill his brother and friends.

Dean has chance and cut his hand, he killed him. He get out and give he blade back to Cass, he tells Crowley that he lied to him. He leaves them.

Sam tells Cass after he talks with Dean, he thinks Dean is in trouble.