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The Originals Season 2 Episode 12 Sanctuary

Rebecca tells her friend that she found the body in coffin, she thinks they can channel power using her to get out.

Finn captured Marcel and vampires to get Klaus’s secret from him. Klaus following Heyley to warn her. He tells her not to marriage him, but she won’t agree.

Davina gets Josh’s stuff, she will use it to find him. They found them, Davina decided to go with Aidel.

Finn asks Marcel about Klaus’s secret. He didn’t tells him anything so he tortured him, Klaus after kill Hayley. He goes to see Jackson, he is beating him. Kol goes to see Finn, he try to convinces him to works with him and Davina.

Rebecca found her friend betray her, she with her men beats her. But a woman she helped before shows up and beat them down. She killed them all and rescue her.

Klaus why he is going to kill Jackson, he still beg him to protect Hayley. She shows up and rescue him from Klaus, finally Klaus believes in them.

Finn find out that Kol try to distract him while Devina and Aidel get Josh out, he wakes all hungry vampires.

Rebecca’s new friend break her out the asylum, she tells her that she is her sister, Freya. She tells her that she will go after her brother soon.

Finn curse Kol to death in few days, he lets him out. Finn asks Marcels about Klaus’s baby, he seems doesn’t remember. Finn found that Hope still alive, he wants him and vampires find her.

Rebecca arrives at town and see Klaus.