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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 13 Halt & Catch Fire

A couple following their navigator to their destination, it leads them to dead end. It tells a woman Janet get out of the truck, and it run his car to the cliff.

Sam tells him about Cass, he is looking for Cain. He almost found him, Dean tells him about case of ghost.

They go to see that survive woman, she thinks may be because he drives his dead brother’s truck. They go to clean it.

At night, Janet’s roommate is lock in her room. She is strangled to dead, next day they go to see the room. They wonder how ghost jump from machine to other machine.

Sam found number 810 on victim’s computer. He thinks it’s number in address they following it and found a woman. She tells them that her husband get car accident there. They have no idea how his ghost can shows up.

At night Janet tells her friend that they should come clean, he tells her that it’s just coincidence. He tells her to shut up, she lefts him. He chats with someone, when he heard the knock he goes out and see no one.

He get in and found his stereo’s sound hit at him until he dead. Dean and Sam asks Janet again about what she is hiding.

She tells them about the accident, her friend make the accident but they left him died. They are sure now that it’s his ghost, Sam go back to check what is he possess.

Sam found out that the ghost get int with wifi, he is shows up. Dean starts to destroy all device connected to wifi. They now head to basement,

Sam goes to see his girlfriend, she tells him about him that he appear online talks to her. She tells him about his revenge.

At basement ghost shows up and try to kill her, Dean try to convinces him stop. But he failed, while he is going to kill Dean his wife call. She convinces him to stop.