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The Originals Season 2 Episode 11 Brotherhood of the Damned

Marcel tells Klaus that he is bit by werewolf, he tells him he will bring him his blood. Marcel starts to have illusion, he start to see his dead friend.

Klaus wants Devina to find Finn, she found him and what he is using to channel his magic. She tells Klaus about it, when he is going to get him. Finn cast spells on him, Klaus pass out.

Finn also cast spell on Elijah and Kol, they are taken to the memory. Finn shows up, he tells them they are here with their rule.

He tells them the plan that at sun down, his barrier will down. Marcel and all hungry vampires will go out and kill everyone in city.

Gia and Josh found out about Marcel’s bite, they are upset. Hungry vampires now heard the people out side, they are ready to attack them.

Finn just found that Kol is one who make Rebecca, he sent him back to be with vampires.

Harley after knows that she has to tell the truth in ceremony, she refused. She tells Jackson with the originals, truth can get her killed.

Marcel convinces vampires not to feed on local, he tells them that he has enough blood for them.

Elijah found that Finn’s spell has weakness, he starts to tell Klaus the truth about his past. The room starts to collapse, Klaus tells Elijah that he forgives him. Then his room collapse, they try to attack him. He releases them back to the body.

Klaus gets out to stop his vampires to kill, Marcel try to take his vampires across the town through local. They are success to his place without kill any one.

Finn shows up at Marcel, he tells him that he did something to them. He wants to know his brothers secret, Klaus tells Elijah about Marcel and vampires. They are missing.

Klaus found that Hayley will enter the ritual involve with the truth serum. He is leaving to tells her that some secret must be buried.