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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10 The Hunter Games

Sam and Cass talks about Dean’s massacre, he wants them to remove the mark of Cain. He tells him may there is other way.

Crowley’s mother try to looking for something, she try to plan something to him. She tells him now they can be family.

Cass get Metatron out to ask information from him, he tells him to remove it they need the first blade.

Sam against the idea but Dean thinks they should try this method, he call Crowley and wants to meet him.

They tell him to get the blade back, he disagree. While His mother spy on him and found out what they are discussed. He tells them he hide it with his bone.

Cass also against the idea, but they tell him not worry. He suggest that he may help him talks to Claire.

Crowley found the first blade is missing, seems Crowley’s mother tricks his men to get it. She kill him after get it. Crowley shows up and found it, she tells him that his men turn on him.

She tells them that Winchester also dangerous for them, he should careful with them. Dean tells Metatron about first blade, he tells him that he will want the return for his information. But Dean is not agreed.

Metatron try to provoke Dean, Sam and Cass notices he is missing. They go to stop Dean, he almost killed him. Metatron tells him he will not ever help him again.

Cass takes him back to prison. Sam tells Dean that Caine also has a mark for long time, he should be able to fight it back.

Claire call Dean to lure him out to the people that wants to help her get rid of him, he goes there and ambush by them. But Claire changes her mind and notices him. Dean didn’t kill them.