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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 13 Houston, We Have a Problem

Zahir tells them that they have 7 drones, Joshua has a vision again. He see the target and he see they died.

Leland try to takes down the plane so when no one see their drone, Vera asks Alan to get Michael for her.

At motel, Michael learned about his real mother. Devil and Amy’s father are at hotel, he wants him to kill Michael and his parent.

They are at the airport to looking for Leland, Vera found devil. He talks about take care of Antichrist. He gives her the coordinate before disappear.

Rose shows up and attack Joshua and Arin, while Richards captured the rest of them while they sneak in their launching base.

Zahir makes them escapes, but each of them is captured by each horseman. Vera is going to destroy the launch pad, Rose shows up with hostage.

They all captured again, devil shows up. They knocks him down, they start their drone. Joshua tells them the plan to stop this but they must die, so Zahir can kill drone.

They all get shot and killed, then lightning crash down the site. Drones drop the blue element instead of red one, it killed all Horseman.

Alan and Michael’s father arrives at motel, they found it’s on fire.┬áMichael’s father feels his leg again and can walk.

Vera and other revive, she get called from Alan. She goes to see them and she found Michael.

2 weeks later, they are going to move on their life. Joshua thinks that they are not finish yet, because they still have their gift. Vera tells him about Michael is archangel, he thinks they have to protect him from antichrist.