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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 12 Spark of Hope

They found that the 7th messenger is captured because attack on the plane. Arin tells them that when they united, their cost will gone. Raul found where is they hold him.

Joshua then he see vision again, he tells them that he see nuclear bomb went off and he see antichrist.

Joshua leave alone to check about tomb he saw, while other check around for where is the 7th messenger.

Joshua found Elsa again, she tells him about place he saw it’s where her 5th seal is broken. She thinks that 5th seal is going to break again.

With Koa’s ability they sneak in the facility, Vera get in to canvas area. She found him, she tells them he might be a problem.

Raul tells them he will go with Koa as prisoner, but during the way Koa lost her memory. They are captured.

Elsa tells Joshua that Antichrist is worst then Devil, she found the devil tooks her book. He goes to see Amy, but instead he meet Nadia. She try to throw him out but failed,  Vera and other wait for long but noone back yet, she get in again to talks to the 7th.

She tells him about the messengers, but she needs to go back. She and them try to help the captured. They get Raul out and going to get Koa.

They try to make her remember, Arin tricks her memory. Now they go to get the 7th out. They try to escapes, but Peter is shot. Arin heals him, she seems still fine.

Koa tells them she start to remember her father, they thinks that as they are united. They don’t have to pay the cost anymore.

Joshua meets Devil with Nadia, then he found out that Amy is the Antichrist. Arin goes to check Amy, Joshua didn’t tell her about what Elsa tells her.

Raul goes to tell Nadia about them that he is her father. They explain the status to Zamir, he agreed to works with them to stop the horseman.

At night Eliza is killed by Devil’s men for her secret, next day Leland setup the computer to takes down the plane.