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The Strain Season 2 Episode 13 Night Train

Eph, Nora and Zack are leaving to his grand parent. He tells Nora they will find the way to get bio-weapon to work together. Kelly is watching Zach from not far away.

Abraham and Fet are going to the auction, he found that Eichhorst shows up instead of Palmer. While Abraham found out that he is losing, Creem found out that Eichhorst’s account is cancelled.

Creem is going to gives Abraham the book, Eichhorst is upset he said he will see him again.

Now they are leaving with book, they think they are going to attacked. They are ambush by vampries, Eichhorst also shows up.

They are surround by vampires, Gus and his men shows up. Eichhorst meets Quinlan, he escapes. Gus found that they are gone, he also found the booby trap from Fet. Van is explode.

Finally Eph’s train is leaving, while he is in. He heard something on the track, the driver see the vampires on the track. They try to stop the train.

Eichhorst is upset and goes to see Palmer, he tells him he wants respect from them. Master shows up and killed her.

Nora and Zack leaves the train, Eph is looking for him. While the Feeler is attacking them, Nora and Zack meets Kelly.

Nora is attacked by Kelly, Zack tells her to stop. Master control Kelly to takes him away, Nora is sad.

Gus following Fet and Abraham, he tells him to return the book. Quinlan and Angle Silver shows up too.

Abraham tells him that the book is a bait, master will comes to who has it. Eph found Nara is infected, she tells him that Zack is taken with Kelly.

She tells him that she doesn’t want the master to knows about him, she killed herself. Abraham and Fet along with Gus, Quinlan and Silver Angel on the boat.