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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 11 Harvest

Vera get her body back and escapes from the destroy, she heads to her friends. They don’t know what to do with them, Koa suggests they should kill them.

Joshua gets call from Vera to help her, they split up to help her and find out about these 2 brothers.

Vera while waiting the help, she notices Richards and Leland in the plant. She following them to find out what they are doing.

She found out where they hide the meteor, she find that they are going to extract the core. When she back to her body, she found it’s captured.

Richards shows up, she knows about her ability from Rose. While she is going to kill her, they found that meteor response differently with her. They found the meteorite can cure her.

Arin managed to get interview with of the brother, Mark. Joshua and other go to check the other one’s office. He found out that smart rain is destroy all the crop during tested.

He also found that Rose already get to one of them, Vincent. while Raul and Arin also thinks that the other Vincent is the horse man

Peter and Koa are at the plant, while Richards force Vera to extract the core otherwise they will kill Alan. She has no choice but do it.

Arin and Mark go to see Vincent. She learn that Vincent wants to launch the plan what ever it damaged the other. He doesn’t care, he is going to launch it any way. He forces Mark to works with him.

Raul confronts Vincent, he wants him to stop the smart rain. Arin shows up and convince him not to kill him, but Mark shows up and kill him instead. He become the horseman.

Koa and Peter get in and help Vera and Alan out. They also feels the wave of him. All of them feels disappoint.

At the plant, death shows them how to use the meteorite as weapon. She killed everyone of them in plant. Now they are going to break the 5th seal.

Vera tells them about element when it’s her hand, Joshua get another vision of 7th messengers.