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The Strain Season 2 Episode 12 Fallen Light

In past while Eph speaking at PIDC conference, it’s the first time he meets Nora. He invites her to work with him.

Nora get the called from Zack grand parents, they are alive. She thinks they can put him there for safety.

Gus and Silver Angel break in the prison, he wants to save the inmates. He found nest of vampires inside, he let his friend and his gang out. He tells them about deal with Quinlan. They all agreed.

Dutch tells Fet that she is leaving with Nikki. Mayor wants to take Justine down, she glad to fight him in court.

Abraham and Fet go to see Creem, he shows him the book. But Creem refused to gives him but to Palmer. He tells him they can bid tomorrow in gold.

Abraham tells Quinlan about the book and the bid, he tells him he needs ancient to back up him with gold, he will return them the book after done.

Justine found out that mayor is killed, people starts to suspect her. Palmer shows up and offer her a deal. Next day she win the court.

Eichhorst shows up to Palmer tells him that master wants him to auction instead of him, he won’t agreed. But Palmer found out that the white from master is not permanent, they need it from master again.

Dutch goes to see Nikki, she found that she is leaving. She is upset because of her missing, she tells her about captured. Nikki tells her that she wants to leave, she doesn’t want to fight.

Eph and Nora tells Justine about their plan to get rid all vampires, she agreed with them.

Quinlan tells Gus about Abraham, he tells him that he wants him to make sure he get the book back, if not killed him and take it.