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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 10 Why We Fight

Vera tells Devil everything about his vision, he brings him back as promised. He confirm to them that Rose is horseman.

Leland and Richards are discuss about their plan behind the devil, they don’t trust him to finish the work.

On the way to see 2 brothers, Joshua get another vision about storm. While they are going to see them, Vera thinks she found Michael. But Joshua tells her they can’t leave their mission.

Raul hear a though of man, he is going to arrest Peter for murder. He goes to knock him down, he tells Joshua that they have to leave the train.

Raul and them found where Joshua mention. They found a family, they is going to give them a lift. They found that this family has connection to 2 brothers.

Vera follow to Michael’s Adopt parent house, but she found he is gone. She thinks that devil warn them.

Raul suspects the family, they plan to stay over night. Richards and Leland found that they can extract the weapon from the meteor.

Vera is going kidnapped by Richards’s men, she tricks them that she is dead. She then following them to their base.

Raul tells the owner about truth that their adopt son try to poison their farm to forced them to sell. After he is made, he run off. Peter stop him on time, they thank them for save their farm.

Joshua and Koa meet the other at 2 brothers Plowmans announcement, they announce their smart rain.

Joshua gets another vision, he thinks their smart rain is going to kill more people. But they need to figure out who is the horseman between 2 brothers.

Vera found that they are going to destroy her body, but she can’t stop it.