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The Strain Season 2 Episode 11 Dead End

Abraham wakes up and found himself captured by Rudyard, he tells him about when they met.

Eichhorst talks with Dutch about his past, he tells her that she remind him of a woman that he can’t get but he has the power instead.

In past he was a salesman, he is not a successful one. He is in love with a woman in his work.

Eph and them found that hotel is a head quarter for national guard. While they check the back they found the other section of hotel, they think she might be there.

Rudyard tells Abraham that he is going to sell his book, he try to convinces him but failed.

In past, while Eichhorst has a dinner with his woman. He heard the solider to convince him to join the army. He found that his woman is Jew, she is upset with his feeling with Jew.

Dutch tricks Eichhorst and try to escapes, but she found that it’s a dead end. Fet and them are looking for secret way to get in the hotel.

Eichhorst chasing after her, she hit another dead end. She is dragged out, Fet blow out the wall and chasing after them. They rescue her on time, but Eichhorst escapes.

In past Eichhorst refused to help his woman when she needs most, later he found that she is hang.

Rudyard goes to see Creem, he wants to exchange it for money and safety.