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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 9 Death Becomes Her

While they are going to pick Rose at the airport, she called them and tell them that Leland is after her. But before they go out, Devil shows up and stop them.

Devil locks them up in the restaurant, he wants to know what Joshua sees in his last vision.

Devil tells them about the truth about their task, seems that day every one of them are there. He tells them that day he try to kill Rose, he tells them truth about her. Devil tells them about his interfere with Rose.

Devil tells story about Rose, who was she. He tells them she is murdered, he try to convinces that they are tricked by Rose.

He tells them that Rose is the horseman of death, she broke her seal 7 years ago. But while he tells story, Joshua get chances and sneak out.

He tells them that all horseman wants the end of humanity but he won’t, he tells them that they and him are on the same side.

An old woman shows up at their place, she tells them about abnormal problem they have. She found out about Rose’s ability, she said they never have that gift. She thinks that she is not the messengers.

That explains why they have to pay the cost of their gift, because they are not incomplete. They tells her about how Rose coming, she tells them about first seal break 7 years ago.

Joshua try to find Rose, he enter the grave yard. Devils shows the security camera the day that Rose get Leland out,

They start to believe him, Joshua found the coffin there. He found Rose is tied, she try to asks him who is next horseman. Joshua feels something, instead of tell her truth he lies to her.

Leland and Richards show up. He found that Rose is horseman, she said she wants his death.

Devil finally let them out, They rush to save him. Rose kisses him and take his life, before he died he tells her that he lied.

Peter is going out to find Joshua and other, they meet with other. They found him in the coffin, he is dead. Arin try to heal but not work.

Devil shows up and tells them that he can bring him back if they tell him what’s his vision. They decide to make a deal with him.