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The Strain Season 2 Episode 10 The Assassin

Dutch and Eph go to stake out for Palmer, they are waiting him in his office. While Justine just announce to the rich people, for their safety they have to contribute their wealth.

Abraham, Nora and Fet are looking for the book. They found his name in phone book here, they go to see him.

Eph found Mayor come to see Eldridge and wants him to stop Justine. Now he is going to see her, Eph and Dutch following him.

Abraham and them found where is the book, it’s in the book shop. They go in and start to search for it.

Eph and Dutch go there to ambush him, he shoots at him. But he miss, he killed his secretary instead. They are escapes from scene, but failed. They both are arrested.

After they heard the news about Eph and Dutch, Fet tells them about the assassin. Fet and Nora leaves them to help them.

Palmer tells Eichhorst that the master must help her, otherwise he will stop all help to him.

Eph found that Palmer is alive, he tells him he hit the woman. Eph is sorry for her, Palmer tells him that he never win.

Master shows up and help her, he tells her everything. At station, vampires show up and attack it. They corner him and a police in the jail, Nora and Fet shows up and help him out. They found Dutch is taken to hotel, they are following her.

Abraham found the last place for the book, he found the book hidden in the hidden place. But he is knock up by someone and take the book.

Dutch is captured by Eichhorst.