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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 8 A House Divided

Rose left them since last night, then they feel the wave. They found that 2nd seal is broken, they found out that Leland get out and go to kill the people at Nero’s company.

Joshua gives up his hope, he thinks the apocalypse can’t be stop. They also give up and left her.

Vera try to convince Joshua to help them, but he won’t. Later the church’s company tells him that they need him to be the leader of church.

Koa and Peter go to see his parent, but the address is abandon asylum. They found from the guard there about his mother. He found that she is dead long times ago, he tells him about his father.

Vera tells Leo about his son, Michael. He asks her about the disappear of him. She tells him that she did try every theory.

Joshua finally realize himself, he left the church. After that he gets another vision about 2 brothers.

Devil goes to see Kay, she is the one who raise Michael. He wants her to do something otherwise he will takes him.

Peter see his father with new family, instead he tells Kao to go back to their family. Raul found that Nadia is missing, he and her mother go out to find her. She tells him that Nadia is his daughter, Arin leaves without him.

Jeff is the man who try to get Joshua in the church, but he failed. Devil now shows up and wants to take Michael back. They tell him they will do anything, Devil tells them something.

Joshua found an old woman, she tells him that she was in group that is tested to help humanity.

Apparently all messengers are gathering at the same supermarket. They talks about sign about 2 brothers, Joshua tells them about other messengers that they saved the world.

Devil found that Richards and Leland now work together after he breaks his seal. They plans to not works with him anymore, it makes him upset.