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The Strain Season 2 Episode 9 The Battle for Red Hook

Eichhorst wants to hire the boat that take his men to Red Hook, he found that Kelly knows the place. He tells her he will takes her home, he has a plan.

Eph tells them about what happen, they think they will need more power. They will go to mayor to get supply. Fet and Nora go to warn Dutch about Kelly.

Eph and them goes to warn Justine about the attack, but they won’t listen to them. At night Eichhorst and his vampires across with the boat safety in Red Hook. Kelly kill the boat owner.

Eichhorst and his vampires goes to the Electricity place to turn off all light in Red Hook, while Eph and Abraham is discussing what to do next. The light is off, they warn them vampires will attack now.

Justine and them go ahead at front line, they start to notices vampires. They shots the probe down, Fet and Nora go to open back the electric. Eph tells Abraham he will help them and goes to help him.

Eph found few Vampires at electricity plant, Kelly found Zack now she is heading to him. Eichhorst heads to see Abraham.

Justine goes in town and convinces people to join her fight back the vampires, she bring them on time.

Nora and Fet found way to turn on light, all vampires at the check point are destroyed. Zack see Kelly outside the room, Fet chase her out and following her. Finally the polices show up and chase her out.

Eichhorst goes to see Abraham, he found the light is back. He asks Eichhorst to see him at street, but he is ambush by Eph. He goes after him, he tells him that he will turn him. But Abraham ambush him, both of them chase him out.