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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 7 Deus Ex Machina

They found Leland is going to launch his virus soon, they have to find a way to stop him.

Vera tells Alan about them, she takes him to them. Rose upsets that she put him in a danger.

They found the addresses of possible of Leland, they split to check each of them. But Charlotte shows up and asks Joshua for help.

Vera and them break in Leland’s company, but they only found his server. Look likes he can be anywhere and connected by remote.

Koa found Leland, she disguise as his mother. But he notices that she is not his mother, she is drugged.

She wakes up and found him, he tells her he is going to end all Nero’s life supported. Vera and Alan figure way to stop his server. Leland found out and upset, he thinks that she did this.

He put the gas to her and escapes, Raul and other comes to his house. They rescues Koa from gas. Erin heals her before she gone.

Erin is pass out, they take her to hospital. They tell her that Erin save her life. Joshua heads back to house and found Charlotte is unconscious. He takes her to hospital, he found later that his father did her.

After he is arrested, Joshua notices that Leland is around. They are looking for him, Vera and Alan found him.

But Devil and She try to convinces him. Vera successfully convinces him, he turned himself to police.

While they celebrate their winning, because they stop the apocalypse. Alan tells Rose that he worried about meteor in the army’s hand.

At night, Leland is bailed out.