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The Strain Season 2 Episode 8 Intruders

Eichhorst is teaching Kelly to make up herself like human, Eph plans to shoot Palmer with sniper.

Eph takes Zack out for a walk, he tells him about his dream about Kelly. She is seems normal. on way they found woman and her father who get stabbed. He try to save him.

While Palmer talk a deal with Cardinal about the book, Eichhorst shows up. He asks him about his dealing, he won’t answer him. Eichhorst tells him about Bolivar, he try to hurt his feeling. He left.

Cardinal meets with Abraham about book, he gives them the price. Abraham agreed instantly. He tells them he will contact them later, Abraham tells Fet that they are going to rob him.

Kelly success infiltrate the quarantine zone with the Feeler. Eph finally fixed her father, she is going to pay him but he said he is coming to buy something. He get his rifle.

Quinlan goes to see Gus, he wants him to work with him. He tells him he is Vaun’s master. He convinces him to work with him to destroy master.

Eichhorst shows up to Cardinal, he wants to know what Palmer is after. Abraham and Fet come but they are too late. Eichhorst already injured him, they chase him out. Abraham asks him about book, he tells him about the boy from his past.

Eph tells Nora everything that happen in DC, Kelly found Zack. She wants him to get her inside, he let her in. The Feeler also following her in, Eph and Nora be able to chases her out.