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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 6 Metamorphosis

They have problem to find Abaddon, this group is anonymous. Alan called Vera he thinks he found people who takes the stone.

Peter found that Nadia knows about computer, she is helping them find Abaddon. Koa’s family is the cheater, they trick people while she picks their pocket. One day her father is killed.

She tortured someone she think it’s lead to Abaddon, she is robbed by them. He tells her about the recruitment.

Vera tells Rose about meteor, Rose tells her not to tells Alan about them. Rose help Nadia and Peter to crack the Abaddon’s test.

Alan and Vera found the van, these people also found them as the threat to them. Alan plant his phone in one of their van.

They following his phone and found the facility. They sneak inside but their camera catch them.

Rose and Raul go to the meeting point for Abaddon, Koa is there she try to hostage Raul. But he gets her gun, he has a fight with her. Rose shows up and stop him, she tells him that she is one of them.

After talks, she doesn’t interest to help on mission. But she wants to take down Abaddon too, they found that she has ability to transform. For now she agreed to work with them until find Abaddon.

Vera and Alan found they are ambushed, they managed to escape them. Rose and them plan to check the Nero’s company that Abaddon wants to take down.

Koa infiltrated in and check their data, she found there something fishy about Haven house.

At night Koa meets Devil again, he try to recruit her but she refused. Next day they all go to Haven house to check about Abandon.

After see facility, Vera tells Alan about her power, before he said anything she left her body and get in facility.

They found that Abaddon revenge on Nero because they refused to help his mother. Arin pass out, doctor tells her to check up.

Vera found that Senator Richards is behind of this operation. Koa found the address of Abaddon, she left them with the devil.

Vera wakes up and tell him that she saw it. Rose thinks when Abaddon attack Nero, people will died because Nero’s computer is link together even for hospital.