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The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 The Born

Abraham tells them about tale of Barbarian Gladiator, he is the one of ancients. He is the half vampires and half human, so he can walk under the sun.

While Dutch and Fet go to search around they found Nikki, at stoneheart seems it’s Palmer who send assassin after Eph. He already get hand on his work, he wants him dead so he can’t make it.

Fet is jealous when he see Nikki and Dutch, he and Abraham go out to check Palmer property. They found the empty school bus,  inside they found the well where Feeler is created.

Then they found a lot of Feeler surround them, but then scared of something and run off. Barbarian gladiator shows up, he kill few Feeler fast.

He tells them that his name is Quinlan, he gets their name from the ancients. He tells them that he hunts the Master for a long time.

He tells them now they present the master is near by, they rush to find him. Fet goes out to get people away.

Eph tells Nora about his plan is failed, Nora tells him that Kelly is nearby try to catch Zack.

Quinlan found the master, he asks him about his plan. Fet plants the explosive in building, while Quinlan is going to attack him the building collapse. He blames Abraham that because of him, he lost his change to destroy master.

They retreat back to the base and meet Eph. Fet is upsets about Dutch and Nikki, he left them again.

Fet asks Eph what to do next his plan is not work, he tells him that he is going to kill Palmer.