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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 5 Eye in the Sky

At casino in Hongkong, Devil goes to see a woman he tricks her lost everything. He tells Senator Richards that next they will have less Messengers.

The messengers found that Senator Richards become secretary of defense, they are panic. Rose tells them nothing they can do but find the next one.

Amy and Arin go to the library for celebrate her birthday, Amy’s father shows up near by.

Raul takes Joshua to see his shaman, they want to open his vision again. At there devil disguise as the story teller.

At library Peter found an old woman he met before, she tells him they need to open their eye, and following the god’s guide.

Arin lost sight of Amy for second, she found that her father takes her out. Devil shows up and offer his help, Arin wants him to following him. They are on the way after him, they found them at pancakes’s shop. He tricks her to call Peter to help,

Vera and Rose see the sign for bug again, Rose think may be it’s a sign but Vera doesn’t agree.

Arin found that the man is devil, Ronnie try to convinces Amy to back home with him. Amy has a chance and try to run away from him, she try to stop him but he is leaving.

Peter shows up and stop his car, Ronnie gets out and try to shoot Peter. But Nadia shows up and shoot him down. Amy wants he’s back, Arin uses her power to safe him.

After Joshua wakes up, he call Charlotte to forgives her. Then he suddenly get his vision back, he see the business man with the number.

He tells Vera and Rose that he is at Dallas, he quit convinces that Fletcham is the next horseman. But they don’t knows how to get up to see him, Vera use her power to get in.

She found again the sign of Abaddon, she found that he is not. Ronnie found Devil at house, seem he found Amy because of him. He tells him that he will do anything to get them back.

Vera tells them about Abaddon’s group, she thinks this might be Horsman of Pestilence. Then they found they are going to do something in 36 hours.