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The Strain Season 2 Episode 6 Identity

Eph goes to see his friend Rob, he wants him to scale up his works. His brother seems to has a lot of contact. Now they go to meet her Leigh, after explains to her. She seem convincing.

Reggie is at their base, he tells them about Palmer’s property and his plan. The mystery man that arrived from private plane, he is the one of the ancient.

He tells them he will Stop the master by himself, now he needs to see who confront him and hurt the master and he also needs the day light human hunter.

Palmer asks Eichhorst about master condition, he wants to know that he can do his part or not. He really thinks that he is his partner.

Eph and Rob go to meet the general, he seems agree with their term. Now they are going to launch the test.

While Nora and Zack are going back, on the way Kelly and Feeler attack them. They run to the church nearby, they call for help. But they already break in the church, they go hidden.

While they are found, Abraham and other come on time. But Reggie is nick by one of the Feeler. He knows he has no choice.

Leigh tells Eph that they are OK and going to test tonight, they back home and found Rob is dead. They found the shooter still inside, he shot Leigh and Eph. But he could killed him first and he retreat.

Eichhorst shows Bolivar new body of their master, he thought that master will choose his body. But the master choose Bolivar, he moved it to his body.