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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 4 Drums of War

Joshua gets another vision, he tells them he saw himself dying. They plan to split up to help Peter and stop Senator and Prime minister.

Devil goes to see Peter in prison, he wants him to confess for murdered. He tried to make him suicide. While Joshua goes to see his sister for her help.

Vera following prime minister to his room, she leaves her body behind. She found that prime minister is there to promote the peace.

Raul and Arin found the place that Joshua see in his vision, they are checking around. Joshua found the clue from his vision.

Rose goes to see Peter, she convinces him to don’t gives up. She tells him about the devil that lies to him.

Joshua tells them that there will be an assassin, but they don’t know who is the target. During transfer, Rose comes in and get Peter out.

Vera found Senator’s assassin try to convinces her to take out prime minister. He try to make her revenge for his son by make the war happen.

She gets out and tell Arin about it, they have to stop her plan. They are looking for gun man, Arin found that it’s one of security team.

But too late, Senator start her plan she becomes the hourseman. Peter hit the building and make shooter miss. But Rose tells them the first seal is broken.

Vera tells Alan about Micheal, she tells him that her people can help her find him.