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The Strain Season 2 Episode 5 Quick and Painless

While polices search for vampire one of them is attacked by Feeler. They start to separate who sick and not.

Eph goes to get the new IDs, he tells Zack about plan to leave city to safe place but he doesn’t want to leave without Kelly. Abraham goes to see Creem for book.

Dutch and Nora go out to get Fet back, Eph tells Zack that he can stay with Nora he will come back soon.

They go to get Fet out, they also shows the polices how to check if people infected faster that quarantine them. Fet also tell them about UV and silver, they tell him about Feeler.

Eph get out the city with his fake ID, at train he found his old boss. He thinks that he is identify, he try to hide from him but finally meet him. He tells him the plan but he doesn’t believe him, they fight and throw him out of the train.

Fate and Dutch tag along with polices to clear out the zone, they clear the rest of vampires.

Eph finally arrives at Washington. At the airport field in Jersey, a man sneaks out from his plane and escape the quarantine.