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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 3 Path to Paradise

Raul tells them he will save the world but he needs to save his brother first, Vera is followed by someone.

Arin and Amy go to hide with Nadia at her safe place, Alan shows up at Vera. He tells her about meeting he set for the meteor.

Next day Lucifer goes to see El, he complains him about Raul. He tells him to get his brother to set the trap.

Raul goes to see his handler, one who turn him to the federal agent. He read his mind about what’s his plan, but he found he knows nothing. Raul meets Lucifer, he tells him about his brother.

Lucifer wants him to tell everything about his group,

After checking they found who might be the Horseman of war. Vera and Alan go to the meeting, she found that he is her ex.

Arin and Rose found that Raul can’t make it, they go to spy on the man Arin think. But they don’t know, then they found that Lucifer has contact with him.

Vera and them found that the rock is special, when they go back to the rock. It’s missing, Vera found and chase the man who takes it. Vera found that she can get through the door, but he run away. But she found out that she can get off her spirit, she back to her body and left them.

At Ben’s funeral, Rose also found Lucifer there. She thinks they have to find another way, Raul found his brother is tied with bomb. He tells him to run away, El detonate the bomb. Raul escapes.

The man Vera chased, he goes back to his lab the operation “genesis”, he return back the rock.

They found that prime minister is going to do the sin, they also found that Senator Richards is involved. Rose tells them about Devil and them, seem he also doesn’t know who is horseman too.

Vera and Raul show up, he tells Rose about what he tells devil. At night Peter is arrested by police for murdered Sam.