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The Strain Season 2 Episode 4 The Silver Angel

Tonight Eph, Nora and Fet takes his subject to return to his nest. They following it to abandon hospital. They found it has direct contact with other, their plan success.

Dutch mention to Abraham about Kertis, he thinks she has point. They go to see him at Stesan Island.

In past, Abraham tells Eldridge about clue about Lumen’s book. They go to check about it, but they are too late. They found the library is trash, they found a boy hidden. He tells them that her sister destroy the book.

While Abraham goes out to help other, Eichhorst shows up. He tells him that he knows everything. Abraham following the boy to underground, he killed few vampires. But the boy is missing. After Abraham comes back, he found Eldridge changes his mind and wants to stop help him.

Gus back his home and found his mother turn, Master talk through her. He tells him that he is the one who set him here.

Abraham and Dutch go to see Reggie with Kertis’s help, he asks him about Lumen’s book. Dutch try to convinces him to help them.

Gus found the silver angel, he was his favorite wrestle man. But he refused that he is not.

Eph and them found that their infected vampire is missing. They have no idea that their plan works. They follow the trace and found the vampires suicide by master command. He thinks they should head to Manhattan to spread it.

Fet after he set explosion he met the island’s guard. He is captured.