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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 2 Strange Magic

Vera is at hospital, Lucifer tells her to kill Rose but she can’t. He threaten her with Michael, then Rose wakes up and cast him out.

Arin and Raul arrive at Houston but he is unconscious, Amy tells her to get him at hospital. Joshua and Peter are at hospital.

Arin accidentally heal Raul at hospital, they escape out of to the hospital’s chapel. They meet Joshua and Peter there. Vera and Rose also show up.

Joshua remember Rose from his vision, she tells them they are the messengers. She tells them all of them are dead.

She tells them they have to work together their ability to heal, strength, hear thought, vision, understandable.

Joshua sees the vision about her son, but nurse come in they escape out. Joshua tells Vera bout her son, Arin and Raul get caught by police. He heard their thought about Amy’s father. He decided to protect them, he assault police and escape.

Joshua and Vera go to see house in his vision, they found Ben the veteran. Vera tells him that she doesn’t believe about god an angels.

Lucifer gets to Ben at horse racing field, Arin takes Raul to his brother’s house. He found that his house is break in. He found his niece, Nadia. Her father is captured by El.

Vera and Joshua missed Ben, she is upset and leave him. He sees him in the chess field, he is heading there. Lucifer is with Ben in chess field, he learned that Ben will leads them.

Vera and Joshua found Ben, but Lucifer made him suicide. Vera see Lucifer there, at night while Raul takes his niece escape their car dead. They end up at the same bar as Vera and Joshua. While Peter wander around until there also with Arin.

Rose also shows up, she tells them they have to stop 4 horsemen. She tells them there is 7 seals, Lucifer will break each of them.

Vera stills doesn’t believe, she tells them to look in the mirror. They see their wing, Joshua has another vision. Rose tells him he just see the war horseman.