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The Strain Season 2 Episode 3 Fort Defiance

Bolivar get arrested by police while he carrying the dirt from master, he managed to kill them all.

Eph and Nora found their development too strong, one of them die before change back to normal. He found  that Zack is missing, Fet and Dutch goes with him to find him.

He found that Zack get on the bus to find Kelly, he stop him on time. Abraham make himself the solution from vampires worm, he drop it in his eye.

Next day Nora found him dead, she revive him. He didn’t tell her what he did, his eye bleeding.

Eichhorst takes Bolivar to be Eldridge’s bodyguard after the attack from Abraham. Fet and Dutch are going to find her friend’s Nikki.

Abraham confess to Nara that he consumes Vampires’s worm so he can maintain his health, he tells her do not tell anyone.

Eph and Nora explain Zach about what they have done for kill virus. He starts to upset and throw thing, Eph tells him about vampires. He tells him that his mother won’t back. Fet and Dutch go to see Nikki’s mother, she doesn’t like her at all.

Gus goes inside the Eldridge’s building, he is going to kidnapped him with Vaun. But they all trap and killed, Gus escapes.

Eph and Nora found their test is seems OK, they are going to release him.