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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 1 Awakening

At night Rose feels something bad happening, a man shows up and shoot her several times.

There is comet coming to earth, Vera and Alan found that it hitting somewhere near them. When hits, she feels something.

Same for an agent …, Amy’s mother Erin, Peter and Joshua they also feel something and collapse. After while all of them wake up.

A man From the comet shows up, he takes a cloth from throw truck’s driver. Vera heading there to check the comet’s site. They found it hit at trinity area, then they are surrounded by army.

Erin found that she has power to heal her daughter, she get her out the hospital before her husband shows up. Peter found that he get durability and strength. Joshua broadcast live that he is god’s messenger.

Sam accidentally killed Sam, he tells Alice that he has to leave. Joshua’s boss doesn’t happy what he did, he is going to banned him.

At night Vera found a man from comet in her house, he tells her about her son Michael. She found that he is alive, he tells her to help him finish the job then he will tells her where is him.

El meets Erin and Amy during the escape, he hostages her to drive him safe. A man from comet tells her to kill a woman. She refused to do it.

El tells them that he wants to go to Houston, Amy tells him they also heading there. Peter also hitch a ride to Houston.

Joshua has a vision about Rose in Houston hospital, he goes to see her. At hospital a man from comet goes to see Rose, he is the Lucifer.