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The Strain Season 2 Episode 2 By Any Means

Eichhorst tells on of vampire that his master will find the new body, he tells him that they will have to royal to his new body.

Eph and Nora takes a couple to exam, they are testing their system. Abraham tells Fet about ancient book, inside he think there is a way to destroy Master.

In past Eldridge goes to see Abraham he was college professor about vampire, he wants to work with him. He tells him about man with cane, he wants him to find him.

Eph and Nora tell a couple about their condition, he wants them to corporate with him so they can find the cure and stop them from hurt their son. They agree.

Fet and Dutch go to look for supply, they found small nest of vampires. They start to kill it all, they plan to clear each block.

In past after get information about cane, Abraham goes to get it. He found it in antique’s shop. But he found the owner already sell it, he remembered that the owner is one of solider that killed his colleague. He run off, Abraham chasing him. He escapes but he drop his cane.

Abraham accidentally found the clue about book he is looking for, he goes to get confirmation from Eldridge that he didn’t has it. Eph and Nora also found the way to the kill the virus without human.

Kelly goes to fetch Sack’s cloth and gives the Feeler to find him.