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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 3 Fish Filet

Paige found that Ralph is bullied, they try to convinces him to fight back. But he said he can handle by himself.

Adriana shows up with the prison warden, he tells him about his informant dead because give him information about dead judge. They need to find who is next target.

They send Sylvester in the prison to find out, he goes to check the library and found that their answer is in infirmary. Toby tells Sylvester to make himself injured, he get inside the infirmary and found it.

But then he found that warden is dying, he still has to stay in prison. Now he is in danger, Walter thinks they have to break him out.

Walter asks help from Ray, he and Paige gets in to give him the plan. But he has to find the legend that missing first, he following the leader’s chair and get it.

Sylvester get dead state before he could get the legend, Walter and Cabe get in to help him. But he tells them he will find the legend first, he gets it and cipher the code and get the judges name

Cabe confront Adriana about what she did to his team, he makes her upset and leave. Paige tells Walter that he should friend with Ray.