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The Strain Season 2 Episode 1 BK, NY

In 1932 Abraham’s grand mother tells him story about Sardu. He has brother who try to captured the gray wolf. But during hunting, they found something else. All of them dead except Sardu.

Sardu following the trace of it and found something that is not wolf, he is attacked. It transform to his body, once he back at his village he start to kill every children. Finally his grand mother tells him that they must stop it.

Abraham tracks Sardu to the underground passage, he meet Vaun the other hunter. He also looking for it. He kidnapped him to his base, he shows him the ancients. Stigoi is one of the them. They want him to help them, exchange to not kill him. He agreed.

Sardu call Eichhorst to see, he tells him his body is dying now he need a new one. Eichhorst and Eldridge are arrange for new base building.

Eph and Nora try to figure out how to destroy them, but they can’t yet. While Fet is going out to find Abraham. He comes back, he asks Fet to get items for him.

At blind children’s school, one of their teacher tells them plan to gather them out of city with Stoneheart’s organization bus.

Zach is upset with Eph, because of him his mother scared and get away. He tried to explain him but he won’t listen. He thinks of something instead of find vaccine, he thinks they should find how to infected them.

The bus goes to Eichhorst, he welcomes them to their place. Eldridge tell the town that he will grant the credit line for anyone in city.

Master gives the memory back to Kelly, they wants her to do something. Eph and them goes to get Abraham’s item. In warehouse they met the couple, they hide inside the warehouse. They found his supply, but during the moving it. They are ambush by vampires.

A couple is attacked by them, they are infected. Before Fet kill them, Eph tells them that he needs them.

Eichhorst shows Kelly the Feelers, children of the night.